A generalist designer with an entrepreneurial mindset.

I always pursue many interests rather than focusing on one. This allows me to be agile, creative, and to make connections that sometimes others can’t see. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and believe that diversity and connecting different mindsets are the foundation of every good idea and product.

15 years of hands-on experience across industries

As a trained interaction and visual designer, I started out in communication and advertising, but my focus shifted quickly to product and service creation, informed by human insights. By working with global brands and companies, I gained experience in branding, product design and innovation as well as strategic design – always aiming to connect created solutions to concrete business goals.

Human-centric principles, methods and tools

Understanding human needs is the basis of every good experience and helps us match the things people expect and desire with the things that we create and deliver for them. Driving customer research and creating storytelling formats that enable alignment and communication, allows me to uncover unmet needs and opportunities, and help guiding business decisions and prioritization.

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