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Local Lure “Jiglow”

4 months ago
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I’ve always been a fan of Eiji Tomiyama’s creations and this one is just as unique and compelling as previous designs and releases by the Chiba based designer and lure builder.

Local Lure’s “Jiglow” – ローカル ジグロー

Already the picture of a bluegill following a butterfly below the water surface is quite beautiful. Executing and translating this image into a fishing lure that mimics not only the behavior of the fish, but at the same time of its prey, is simply stunning.

After a few swim tests at the water, I can attest, that action and movement are working like a charm. It’s a lure that’s not only beautiful to watch and admire, but also great fun to use.

Local Lure’s “Jiglow” – ローカル ジグロー

Being able to follow the creation process from early prototyping until the finished product was also fantastic. Custom tools, material choices as well as his very own coloring style and patterns – truly inspiring insights from the workshop. Check his Instagram for more.

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