The following principles help me create balance and harmony in the relationships I build with the people I work with.

They aren’t holy, but they’re mighty close.

I believe that passion and purpose should be the driving forces behind everything we do.

They allow us to be excited about what we create and at the same time sense that what we work on has an impact and is meaningful to others. If we are able to create situations where people derive meaning from their work, the magic happens.

I believe in the power of collaboration, in leveraging everyone’s talents and diversity.

People’s skills are enhanced by their personality and how they see the world. Their creativity and effectiveness multiplies, if we see them as who they are, and create environments that are build on empathy, trust and a common purpose.

I believe in co-creation and applying human-centric principles for design.

Design and its tools can’t help with every challenge the world throws our way, but if we bring together the right people, listen carefully and apply our methods in an appropriate way, it will help us ask the right questions and to tackle problems that matter.

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