Until recently, I was with Fjord, where I led and worked with creative teams from different professional and cultural backgrounds.

I’m currently open to design and leading roles aiming to identify problems worth solving and to build products and services that bring value to peoples lives. Interested in working together? Get in touch!

During my time with Fjord, we tackled a wide range of design problems and business challenges.

Recently, we…

Built and established a global design system for a medical care company, supporting teams in facing the complexity of product development for multiple products and brands addressing user groups at home and in clinics.

Designed and launched a mobile application and cloud-based service, enabling dialysis nurses in India and China to document patient and treatment data digitally, transforming a formerly paper-based process.

Before that, we…

Supported innovation initiatives in design, prototyping, and validation to help them enter new markets, design new products, develop new features, define marketing strategies, and much more.

Enabled a global pharma company to better understand the needs and expectations of oncologists working in clinical contexts, and how to engage with them in a more meaningful way.

Helped a bank to recognize mindsets and behaviors of people when dealing with money and to create modularized offerings that address constantly changing customer needs and requirements.

Prototyped and tested an online sales process for a European car manufacturer to be launched in the South-Korean market, seamlessly integrating with a mobile instant messaging service.

Even before while working as a freelance designer, I…

Helped shaping the user experience of Germany’s largest donation platform offering social projects and organisations a broader reach for more impact.

Designed visual foundations and design guidelines for a European insurance company aiming to improve the customer experience of their mobile offerings.

Created brand and user experience for first-to-market car sharing and parking services that launched across Europe and the US.

Redesigned digital touch-points for a manufacturer of racing and track bicycles, including brand re-brush and launch of an online store for cycling gear and accessories.

Redesigned 10-foot-interfaces for a leading subscription-based television and entertainment service to ensure the best possible viewer experience.

Was in charge of user interface design for second screen experiences for fans, providing new and innovative ways to follow their favorite sports and teams.

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