What started as playful doodles and sketches quickly led to new inspiration and ideas. Why patterns and circles? I’ve always enjoyed circular shape and curve compositions and preferred them over angular geometric forms, as most humans do.

What’s so compelling about these patterns that make working with them so joyful? I spent some time just looking at them, analyzing and trying to make sense of it. And then, out of a sudden, I began to recognize all these new elements within the negative spaces: round things, symmetrical shapes, a plethora of possible combinations, a sense of connectedness, abundance, and at the same time, lightness.

I came to realize that though these feelings are somehow indefinite and obscure, we can access them through tangible attributes.
We can describe and articulate the emerging visual material and building blocks. We can deconstruct and recombine almost endlessly to assemble something new.

Compositions can lead to abstract letter shapes, sometimes just fragments of typographic elements. As someone who lives and breathes typography, this is an exciting path to follow, and I can’t wait to get back to the drawing board.