I have always been fascinated by the romantic beauty of manmade landscapes and idle industrial facilities. These structures may seem mundane at first glance, but they can transform into more than carefully assembled concrete and steel constructions when viewed and captured through a camera lens.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about how these structures interact with their surroundings. The contrast between the cold, hard lines of brick walls and welded steel against the surrounding landscape’s soft beauty creates a genuinely captivating sense of tension. It is as if these structures are attempting to conquer the natural world, yet they will always be at the mercy of its beauty and raw nature.

I enjoy exploring abandoned factories and uninhabited suburban areas. These locations are often forgotten, left to decay and crumble over time. But when photographed, they become monuments and witnesses of the past (and present).
The peeling paint and rusted metal create an eerie and stunning atmosphere amplified by the analogue warmth and appeal of 35mm film.

Littlefield, Texas 2018

But it’s not just abandoned buildings that are worth documenting. Even active industrial facilities can be stunning subjects. The sheer scale of these structures can be awe-inspiring, and in the absence of human presence, the intricate details of architecture and machinery can be mesmerizing. From the towering smokestacks to the delicate gears and pistons, compelling textures and patterns exist to discover.

What I love most about photographing manmade topography is the sense of wonder and discovery that it brings. These structures may seem cold and lifeless at first glance, but they become surprisingly romantic, almost surreal through a camera lens.