There’s a perception that beauty requires the additional, decorative element to make something look better or more compelling. Probably the most misleading way to think about beauty. For me, it boils down to two things: solving an actual problem and bringing joy to the people who use a product.

So, when designing a thing, we need to focus on people’s experiences when using it. To create products that feel easy, effortless, and are intuitive to use, we have to imagine how they help solve problems that matter and delight people.

So why aren’t there more beautiful things out there? Items we intentionally design to function well, be enjoyed, and last for a lifetime? The answer is simple. It takes time, commitment, and practice to produce them.

And there’s another aspect that well is worth considering.
We dedicate our lives to crafting beautiful products and are driven by passion and determination to mastery. To become the best at it that we can be. In challenging ourselves to raise the standard of our work, we find purpose. Something that drives us to put in the effort to create things for others to enjoy.

When we emphasize the importance of beauty and quality in products, we who build them are more satisfied with our work. Consequently, we find more fulfillment and joy in what we do.

And there’s more to it. Better and high-quality products also last longer, take fewer resources from the environment, and create less waste.

Every Thing Should be Beautiful.