I’ve got told that I write too complex. I use unnecessary words and ideas where a more straightforward language would better serve me. I guess I’ve spoiled the biggest secret to good writing already. Simplicity! 

But how to get there?

Adding unnecessary adjectives and clauses detracts us from writing clearly and makes it difficult to follow our thoughts and stories. 

Cut out the unnecessary parts that don’t have a function. Eliminate the redundant prepositions, adverbs, and everything that doesn’t enhance the meaning of what you write. 

Let’s declutter our minds to think and ultimately write more clearly. 

Clear thoughts and sentences are easy to follow and to read. But it takes skill and practice to write them. Keeping things simple and trusting my authentic voice are the first changes I’m trying to realize. 

But here’s the best advice I’ve found so far: Whatever you write, rewrite it!