Daniel Pink’s ideas on motivation in the workplace were a great source of inspiration. Some observations and insights from underlying studies might feel slightly noticeable now – 10 years after publication. However, the simple model of autonomy, purpose, and mastery still resonates and helps us understand our intrinsic motivation.

We approach problem-solving more freely when we can control what we do, when we do it and with whom. The resulting autonomy encourages and drives creativity while supporting trust in our relationships at work. 

Mastery is the desire to get better at what we do. It forces us to seek to improve our skills through learning and practice. 

Understanding the bigger picture – the purpose – allows us to be excited about what we create and, at the same time sense, that what we work on has an impact and is meaningful to others.

Balancing out the elements of this three-fold model not only helps figure out our internal drivers but can also help us thrive by doing work that allows us to grow and that we’re passionate about.